Sixth Water Flow Control Structure

The construction work for the sixth water flow control structure modification project, in general, consists of furnishing and installing a high pressure and high head break bypass flow control structure and reconstruction of a 87 -inch diameter tunnel access pipeline. The project primarily includes earthwork, structural, mechanical, piping, and electrical work for a new bypass flow control structure that will be connected adjacent to the existing structure. The site is constrained and located in a remote area in Sixth Water Canyon. 



Santaquin City Hall

This project is to construct a new City Hall on the corner of 100 South and Center Street in Santaquin City. This structure will have 2 floors in the east & west wing, the main building will have 3 floors all together it has 47,957 sq ft. The basement contains rooms for the emergency operation center, storage rooms, record room, mechanical room, electrical room, server room. Break room with kitchen, restroom & offices. The main level has 20,284 sq ft. The west wing is unfinished and the east wing has the multipurpose room,  kitchen and restrooms. The main building’s main floor has offices, conference rooms, council chamber, restrooms and storage rooms The Upper lever has 5710 sq ft with offices, conference rooms,  storage and restrooms.

Spanish Fork Solids Handlings Project

A. This project consists of an immediate upgrade to the solids handling and dewatering facilities to address failed infrastructure. Digester 1 will be retrofit to an aerated solids holding tank with diffused air for mixing and aeration. A decanter will be provided to thicken the solids and send supernatant back to the treatment process. Two blowers (duty/standby) will provide the aeration to the solids holding tank coarse bubble diffusers. HVAC improvements will be required in the digester control building to cool the blowers and to comply with NFPA 820 electrical code. The existing thickener building will be repurposed as a dewatering building and retrofit with two new screw presses for added dewatering capacity. HVAC improvements will also occur at the repurposed dewatering building. The Schwing Bioset screw presses have already been procured by the City. Dedicated screw conveyors are proposed for each screw press. Emulsion polymer make-up systems will also be installed. Duty/standby rotary lobe screw press feed pumps will be installed in the basement of the digester control building. B. This project includes all labor, equipment, materials, installation, and related appurtenances as shown on the drawings and described in the specifications. Also included in the project is mobilization, site work, demolition of existing facilities, coatings, all piping, valves, pumps and equipment, site civil, yard piping, bypass pumping, electrical, HVAC, site restoration, startup, and all other items required to make the solids handling facilities complete and operational. C. Existing dewatering equipment and facilities retained at this phase will consist of the primary clarifiers, belt filter press, (3) anaerobic digesters, thickener building (repurposed as a dewatering building), and digester control building.

Provo Southwest Lift Station

The construction of this project includes the excavation, dewatering, necessary shoring, grating, yard piping, wet well and dry pit concrete structures; Building construction including concrete, CMU, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC, piping, and standby generator; dry-pit submersible pump station, including suction and discharge piping and instrumentation; and site improvement including pavement, driveway, drainage improvement, and perimeter fencing with access gate. Splitter box,  pump station dry pit, and wet wells will be constructed of the cast in place concrete. The electric building will be constructed of CMU and will be the only above-ground structure. Construction will include installing (3) pumps in this phase while allowing for the future.

JVWCD Chlorination Booster Buildings

This project has two sites the first is Rosecrest Reservoir the other is 9800 South Reservoir purpose of this project is to replace the portable chlorination trailer that the district has been using with a new permanent chemical feed facility at each site. Along with a Flow Meter at each site.

JVWCD 3600 W 10200 S

The 3600 West 10200 South Pump Station project consists of furnishing and installing the equipment, facilities, services, and appurtenances as included in these Contract Documents. The work generally consists of mobilization, bonding, insurance, labor, demolition, procurement, and installation of materials as shown on the Civil, Structural, Process, Mechanical, Electrical, and I&C drawings. The work includes installation of a new pump station including a new building, water distribution pumps, surge tank, piping and fittings, valves, piping appurtenances, HVAC equipment, restroom, drains and sump system, electrical equipment, conduit, and conductors. Additional site work consists of clearing, grading, backfilling, retention pond, asphalt pavement, concrete pavement, various concrete pads, sidewalk, site water and sewer piping, curb and gutter, fence and gates, and various landscaping improvements including irrigation. Selective demolition on site includes specified fencing, gravel, curb, grass, and trees. The existing pump station and reservoir will remain in service.

Santaquin City Zone 11

Santaquin Zone 11